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Collins Street Optometrists is a one-stop boutique optometry practice located in the heart of the CBD, one like no other in Melbourne.  We provide excellence in clinical care and offer a large and varied selection of eyewear collections as well as a wide range of contact lens options.

Traditional values and highly personalised service are hallmarks of Collins Street Optometrists, which includes our dry eye clinic.  We make use of the most modern and advanced diagnostic equipment.  Being independent, we can help you choose your best options without being limited in what we prescribe or offer.

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Collins Street Optometrists understand that the close integration of experienced optometrists with expert optical dispensers is fundamental to a great patient outcome.



Orthokeratology is a non-surgical process that reshapes the cornea by wearing rigid contact lenses while you sleep.
Co management


Co-management may require you to be under ongoing care of a medical specialist and your general medical practitioner.

Myopia Management

Myopia, commonly called short-sightedness makes it difficult to see distant objects clearly. It is a very common condition.
Eye Test

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Not all eye examinations are the same, and our consultations involve much more than just the prescribing of spectacles or the fitting of contact lenses.
Dry Eye

Dry Eye Management

Dry eye disease (DED) is an extremely common eye condition; in today's world it is occuring increasingly more frequently.

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Our Frequently asked Questions

The first step to having your eyes examined is to make an appointment, either by telephone (9663 2729), email or by dropping into the practice at Level 9, 267 Collins Street.  Our section on comprehensive eye examinations details the procedures that are typically conducted in an initial consultation and which usually include taking photos of the retina at the back of the eye and an initial or screening scan that enables us to view all the layers of the retina in cross-section and in 3D.

Our fee for a standard initial comprehensive eye examination is $94.55 – this consultation usually takes 30 to 40 minutes and routinely includes digital retinal photography and a screening scan with optical coherence tomography.  In many other practices these procedures would attract additional fees.  By comparison, Optometry Australia recommends a fee of $128.30 for an initial consultation, not including these procedures.

Sometimes in the course of an examination it becomes evident to the optometrist that additional procedures need to be conducted, either on that day or at a subsequent appointment.  Examples include the performing of corneal topography where keratoconus is suspected; or of more detailed optical coherence tomography for diabetic patients, or where there has been a sudden reduction or loss of vision.  Fees for these procedures are billed in addition to the consultation fee.  For more comprehensive descriptions and explanations of these items, see our schedule of fees.

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