Dry Eye Management

Dry eye disease (DED) is an extremely common eye condition; in today’s world it is occuring increasingly more frequently.  Collins Street Optometrists in Melbourne have invested heavily in our dry eye clinic, we have advanced equipment, training and education to ensure that if you suffer from this condition you are properly assessed and treated.

Dry eye disease occurs when insufficient tears are produced and/or if they are of poor consistency and quality, this in turn can trigger inflammation of the front ocular surface.  Left untreated it can ultimately result in pain, corneal ulcers and scarring, and loss of vision.

Like many diseases, dry eye disease can develop slowly over a long period of time but is best treated early before symptoms become significant.   Maintaining good eyelid health and function to avoid dry eye disease is like attending to dental hygiene for healthy teeth and gums.

At Collins Street Optometrists we follow the evidence-based protocols agreed on by the International Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS); these reflect the latest research on the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease.

The initial investigation and management of your dry eye issues is usually a two-part process.  The starting point is usually to undergo an initial consultation, tailored to provide us with essential information relating to dry eye.  Depending on the outcome of this examination, you will often be provided with initial remedies and treatments in line with the DEWS protocols.  Secondly, a review is usually conducted around three months later; this may be a relatively simple follow-up if the initial treatments are working well, or a more comprehensive dry eye assessment may be performed if these treatments have not had the desired effect.

There is considerable variety in the causes and ways that dry eye presents, so the investigative pathway is not always the same.  Identifying the type and cause of your dry eye can be a journey, and some journeys are longer than others.  The same is true for management.

The diagnosis and management of dry eye disease is complex, and requires dedicated equipment and clear protocols for assessment and management.   The good news is we are now seeing rapid advancement in diagnostic and management options in our dry eye clinic here in Melbourne.

Our dry eye services are amongst the relatively few currently available in Melbourne.  If you are among the many who suffer from irritable and debilitating symptoms of dry eye disease, the dry clinic was created to help people just like you.

We provide one-on-one consultations with optometrists who are genuinely interested and expert in dry eye.  You will also benefit from our advanced diagnostic tools and treatment options that are the equal of any dry eye clinic in Australia.


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