How We Work and Why We’re Different

At Collins Street Optometrists our focus is all about quality in both eyecare and  eyewear. 

We pay great attention to the detail of both our clinical and optical dispensing services and strive to achieve a proper balance between the two.

Collins Street Optometrists is independently owned and managed entirely by the people working in the practice – that is 100% local and Australian owned.

“Our talented, expert and experienced team takes genuine care, and provides highly personalised service”

At the core of our ethos is that our talented, expert and experienced team which takes genuine care, and provides highly personalised service, and is passionate in all we do.  Our optometrists are life-long learners and continue to stay at the forefront of ophthalmic knowledge and research; our optical dispensers and consultants know intimately the latest in eyewear and lens technology.

“Great eyecare means ensuring your eyes continue to work efficiently and remain healthy over a lifetime.”

We place particular emphasis on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships, which is vital for continuity of care. Seeing the same optometrist over time means we understand your history and can best monitor subtle changes in your vision or eye health.

As far as we are concerned, great eyecare means ensuring your eyes continue to work efficiently and remain healthy over a lifetime.  Over the years, Collins Street Optometrists has invested in advanced eyecare technology and we can confidently claim to be as well equipped as any optometric practice in Australia.  We are committed to clinical excellence. 

We’re focussed on providing high quality eye care, eyecare that’s not on the clock, and high quality products that won’t compromise on your vision.  When it comes to spectacle frames and lenses, you get what you pay for.  There can be significant differences in the quality of optical appliances, and we won’t discount the quality of your vision or the comfort of your eyes by using inferior products.

Our eyewear collections are vast, with over a thousand frames on display at any given time.  We stock some of the world’s biggest eyewear brands that show great and ingenious designs matching the latest in fashion.  And if you’re after something different,  our eclectic eyewear collections will cater for your individuality.  Best of all we’ll always make your eyewear selection experience fun!

Glasses Collins Street Optomestrists

A full range of contact lenses

When it comes to contact lenses, we offer a full range of lens types.  We fit an extensive standard disposable contact lens range as well as more complex, made-to-order soft and hard contact lenses.

All our optometrists are highly experienced in contact lens fitting, including more sophisticated lenses such as for orthokeratology, keratoconus and for irregular corneas.

Contact Lenses

An extensive range of optometry services

We provide a wide range of more complex optometry services beyond routine eye examinations for checking the health of your eyes and prescribing spectacles and/or contact lenses.  These include orthokeratology, myopia control and dry eye management.

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